Florida shooting – Different information


I have decided to read about the Florida shooting in The Guardian and BBC News. The first thing I notice is that the story is no longer on top of the headlines, even though it happened less than 2 weeks ago (February 14th). After scrolling down for a while, I finally managed to find articles including traces of this topic.

The Guardian chose this title: “Muslims are seen as a threat in the US – but the Florida shooter wasn’t. Why?”, which focuses mostly on race and religion. BBC, on the other hand, chose this topic: “Florida school shooting: NRA ‘doesn’t back any ban'” which focuses more on the guns/weapons than the victims. Both of them mentioned Trump, however, I feel that The Guardian portrayed him in a more negative way. The author writes for example, “Because Cruz did not match Trump’s definition of a threat: immigrants, African American youth, and Muslims – that is, non-white people.” In addition to this, The Guardian included much more detail about the killer etc.


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