Freedom of speech

  • shutterstock_187662866Which topic did you choose to look at?

I have chosen the topic “abortion” because I found it to be the most interesting for me since I don’t know much of what is going on in today’s society in regards to abortion.

  • What are the conservative posts about, and what are the liberal posts about?

I believe the conservative side is more for banning abortion, whereas the liberal side is speaking quite positively about it, for the most part. The conservative side mentions things like “If we don’t act now, millions more babies will die… Every baby deserves to live”. The liberal side has articles which say “Abortion is safe. It’s the restrictions that are dangerous.”

  • Are there any posts which you felt were offensive or promoting hate/negativity? Why?

Some of the articles I found were promoting hate on other people. Breitbart posted an article about Wendy Davis and called her an “abortion Barbie” in their tweet. Another argument posted by mentioned “I never thought I would ever be “that guy” who complains about how dumb and lazy today’s youth are, but here I am. I don’t know which is worse, eating laundry detergent, getting the “news” from late-night comedians, or protesting inanimate objects because they look scary.” which, in a way, offended me.

  • Think about freedom of speech, should we be allowed to post whatever we want on social media, or are there limits? 

I think it is important to be able to share your opinion and having freedom of speech, however you should also be aware of other people around you. Everyone else also has the right to state their opinion and it is very easy to offend someone nowadays, so sometimes it is better to keep some things for yourself.

  • Look at the side you disagree the most with, and try to find their best argument. Is there anything you can see having merit, making sense, something you can understand that people would think? What?

This article talks strongly against abortion. I disagree with it because I believe every woman should have the choice to decide what she does with her body. If it is a case of rape, not having a sufficient amount of money to be able to take care of a child or simply not being ready. I strongly believe it is better to not give birth to a child than make then live in bad conditions, especially since we are already struggling with overpopulation.

The best argument I found in the article is “It’s estimated that 28 million babies have already been aborted this year across the globe – Planned Parenthood alone murdered over a million.” Looking at it from this point of view, I understand where they are coming from. Most people take advantage of abortion and give up before even thinking about if they are capable of having a child, that’s why many are against it. But there are always positives and negatives in every situation.


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