Lost – My personal statement


Ever since I was little, I’ve been flying and moving across a myriad of countries not knowing exactly where I fit in, where I stand in life. The Polish girl that always knew what she wanted to accomplish has had 3 different identities and has experienced 3 extremely different worlds. After living in London for 7 years, I have now settled down with my family in Ålesund, Norway and go to Fagerlia High School.

But there were some positives to this journey; I’ve become much more independent, adaptable to every situation and made myself immune to being shy and closed within myself. I’ve met pretty much every type of person and I was able to get along with all of them. But I haven’t always been this confident. Growing up, I wasn’t comfortable with who I was both physically and mentally. This led me to find my greatest passion so far, weightlifting and training at the gym. I have realized that you actually can achieve anything you desire if you stick to it, and this also made me want to study abroad.

Over the years, I have finally started putting together all the pieces in my life. I have developed a true interest in languages. The ability to know 3 different languages fluently and learning a 4th one has led me to want to be a translator after finishing school. I have also developed a passion for experiencing new things. At school, I have been on 2 exchanges to Finland and Germany since I very much enjoy visiting new places, meeting new people and traveling. I can finally say that I don’t feel as lost anymore and I am starting to enjoy the little things in life.


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